Women in Missouri History
In Search of Power and Influence
Edited by LeeAnn Whites, Mary C. Neth, & Gary R. Kremer
288 pages
6.13 x 9.25

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About the Book

Women in Missouri History is an exceptional collection of essays surveying the history of women in the state of Missouri from the period of colonial settlement through the mid-twentieth century. The women featured in these essays come from various ethnic, economic, and racial groups, from both urban and rural areas, and from all over the state. The authors effectively tell these women’s stories through biographies and through techniques of social history, allowing the reader to learn not only about the women’s lives individually, but also about how groups of “ordinary” women shaped the history of the state.

The essays in this collection address questions that are at the center of current developments in the field of women’s history but are written in a manner that makes them accessible to general readers. Providing an excellent general overview of the history of women in Missouri, this collection makes a valuable contribution to a better understanding of the state’s past.


About the Editors
LeeAnn Whites is Associate Professor of History at the University of Missouri–Columbia. She is the author of The Civil War as a Crisis in Gender: Augusta, Georgia, 1860–1890.

Mary C. Neth is Associate Professor of History at the University of Missouri–Columbia. She is the author of Preserving the Family Farm: Women, Community, and the Foundation of Modern Agribusiness, 1900–1940.

Gary R. Kremer is Professor of History at William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri. He is the author, editor, or coeditor of several works, including Missouri’s Black Heritage and Dictionary of Missouri Biography, both available from the University of Missouri Press.


"This volume will stand as a model that historians of any state would do well to emulate. These magnificent essays are certain to be read, debated, and appreciated for years to come."--Tom Appleton

“…engaging and accessible to a broad audience” –J. L. Gall, Choice

“Highly recommended.” –J.L. Gall, Choice

“’Women in Missouri History’ rights a wrong in a rich, compelling way.” –David Sheets, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“The story of the ‘Show-Me State’ just got more interesting.” –David Sheets, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


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