The Genesis of Missouri
From Wilderness Outpost to Statehood
William E. Foley
384 pages
6 x 9

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ISBN: 978-0-8262-0727-2
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ISBN: 978-0-8262-6053-6

About the Book

The story of the blending of diverse cultures in a land rich in resources and beauty is an extraordinary one. In this account, the pioneer hunters, trappers, and traders who roamed the Ozark hills and the boatmen who traded on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers take their place beside the small coterie of St. Louisans whose wealth and influence enabled them to dominate the region politically and economically. Especially appealing for many readers will be the attention Foley gives to common Missourians, to the status of women and blacks, and to Indian-white relations.


William E. Foley is Professor of History at Central Missouri State University. He is the coauthor of The First Chouteaus: River Barons of Early St. Louis, the coeditor of An Account of Upper Louisiana by Nicholas de Finiels, and the author of A History of Missouri, Volume 1: 1673-1820.


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