Boys Keep Being Born
Stories by Joan Frank
176 pages
6 x 9

Formats available:
Paperback   $19.95 TR
ISBN: 978-0-8262-1355-6

About the Book

Lately, time seems to have taken on an amusing eternal quality. Outer-space time, quick-and-never; a slow wheeling of which Melinda, moving at whatever speed, is more and more aware she has been accorded the briefest, briefest slice. She finds herself now moonwalking through the strange region of not young, not a mother, not married, unlikely to marry. She will have to work until she dies. She will have good friends who'll keep an eye on her, of course; some of them women much like her. She will float toward and finally past the margins of sexual viability, and never have enough money for a facelift.

In Boys Keep Being Born, Joan Frank's subject matter is stark; her style, wry and lyrical. Her characters ask point-blank questions of the lives in which, willingly or not, they find themselves. The answers they devise—or settle for—may surprise you.


Joan Frank is a writer of short stories and essays that appear in literary reviews and anthologies nationwide. She lives in Santa Rosa, California.


"What a pleasure to be in the witty, sophisticated world of Joan Frank's fiction. Boys Keep Being Born is a thoroughly delightful and satisfying collection."—Margot Livesey


Finalists for the Bay Area Book Award, sponsored by the Bay Area Book ReviewersAssociation 2002
Finalist for the Paterson Fiction Prize, sponsored by the Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College 2002


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